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Don`t miss Mexican Night at El Dorado Royale

Mexican food in a great night at el Dorado Royale

Chef Andreas Trilk, the culinary maestro , invited me over to El Dorado Royale, in the Riviera Maya to sample his latest gem, Mexican Night.  

For far less than a king´s ransom, but equally ostentatious, Chef Andreas Trilk has come up with Mexican Night (Noche Mexicana). This ensemble dinner show event combines a lavish Mexican Food Tianguis (market) with a 2 hour Mariachi and Mexican stage show.

Chef Trilk´s gala dinner and show takes place at Guacamaya´s Restaurant at el Dorado Royale every Tuesday from 6.00pm to 9pm.

Click here to make your reservation at El Dorado Royale. VIP reservations are also available and include stage-side seating plus premium wines and liquors.

Echoes of Tenampa

Amidst the hustle and bustle of diners, chefs and waiters, I had a brief opportunity to ask the typically cool, calm and collected Chef Trilk what inspired his new weekly showpiece event.

“We have created the ultimate Mexican dining experience for El Dorado Royale. The set-up is inspired by the Tenampa Cantina located in Mexico City´s famous Plaza Garibaldi. Most importantly, we invite guests to sample a wide range of Mexican food and serve it right in front of them, from the pib to their plate.  And of course, a Mexican night wouldn´t be the same without a full mariachi band to liven up the proceedings.”

From the moment you enter Guacamaya restaurant at El Dorado Spa Resort, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are in Tenampa, Mexico City´s most famous cantina.

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Juan I. Hernandez, a merchant from Cocula founded the Food Hall “Tenampa” in 1925, with the “Mariachi Cocula” Concepción “Concho” Andrade. 

Low flying Guacamayas Ahead

Most noteworthy is Guacamaya Restaurant´s simple, yet alluring decor. Overhead, beautiful oversized guacamaya sculptures swoop downwards from the ceiling, creating the sensation you are in a giant aviary. The venue splits into a stylish walk through market and a seated auditorium. Combined, the space caters for an impressive 450 patrons.

Overall, my first impression was total wonderment. I really was not expecting an event of this magnitude. Truth be told, Mexican Night covers a wide gastronomic range of Mexican foods. Mouthwatering aromas fill the marketplace. I recommend that you close your eyes and absorb all of the aromatic pleasure. Achiote, agave, cilantro, chili and herbs and spices represent some of the sensational notes that will have your nostrils flaring.

Guided Chef Experience

There are countless food stations, attended by El Dorado Spa Resort´s master chefs. Each chef guides you on how to savor each dish with specially prepared side accoutrements. Some of the highlights include lechon, beef barbacoa, jumbo shrimp ceviche, oysters, grilled grouper, tacos dorados, tinga chicken and beef tostadas, tortilla soup and charro bean soup.

Then come the garnishes including lentil salad, nopal and feta cheese salad, chilaquiles, chicharron in green sauce and Mexican rice. For the bravehearts, there are fried chapullines and maguey worms!

And of course, you have to leave room for the huge variety of Mexican desserts to round off a sumptuous meal in style. The freshly made churros are lipsmackingly good!

Painstaking Dedication

As you pause to marvel and take it all in, you begin to realize the painstaking dedication this event requires. Particularly since this feast is prepared from scratch every week. As I did a 360 of the layout and surveyed the rich variety, I whimsically chuckled to myself about how just preparing a traditional Xmas dinner breaks me out in a cold sweat.

Truly, the mind boggles to think how chef Trilk and Co emulate the spirit of Tenampa every week. Besides accomplishing this feat, they also cater for 6 on-site restaurants, specialty groups and Weddings by Lomas. Breathtaking! I wonder how they find time to sleep.

Nevertheless, Chef Trilk, Chef Fernanda, Chef Oscar and Chef Carlos, to name but a few stars of the show, work tirelessly to bring this Mexican street food exhibition to life.

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Early Morning Risers

Trilk´s team prepare for the event 24 hours in advance. This way they ensure that all the cooking traditions for their ambitious ensemble are respected. Besides this, only the finest and freshest ingredients are used. All of the organic produce is picked straight from El Dorado Royale´s very own greenhouse. This is a hallmark quality standard you will find in all Karisma operated hotels.

Chef Trilk explains; “If you want to try all of Mexico´s regional flavors and enjoy a lively Mexican party atmosphere, then you have come to the right place”.  He adds; this culinary event puts the best of Mexican food and entertainment on show for our international and national guests”.

For his part, chef Carlos Hernandez chimes in saying that; “For inexperienced guests, this is a perfect way to start a love affair with Mexican food. On the other hand Mexican foodies will be delighted to reacquaint with specialty dishes and Mexico´s finest mezcals and tequilas.”

Lechon en la Leña

Chef Felipe tasks his team with preparing a whole 25 kg baby pig for one of the showpiece dishes, Lechon en la Leña. (baby suckling pig over wood embers)

lechonenlaleña2 e1548348277943 1024x507 - Don`t miss Mexican Night at El Dorado Royale

Meticulous preparation requires cooking the pig for 10 hours in a Mayan pib. This creates the unique smoked flavor you can only get with Yucatecan food. And of course, the perfect garnish is diced red onion habanero to create a spicy taco bursting with flavor.

Chef Trilk concludes by saying; “Prepare to leave our party with a full stomach and a happy heart, whilst humming tunes performed by the Mariachi Dorado. For me, that is the best recognition that you came and enjoyed a great party in Mexico.”

Click here to make your reservation at El Dorado Royale. VIP reservations are also available and include stage-side seating plus premium wines and liquors

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Mariachi Dorado


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